What should she do?

Nora tapped her fingers on the seat next to her. She’d tired of watching the cars whiz by. Why didn’t the cab driver step it up? Hadn’t she made it clear that her flight left in an hour? Didn’t he understand that she still had to make it through security? Oh, this was all her fault. If she hadn’t lent her raincoat to her shivering client the night before, she wouldn’t have been in this mess. Instead it wasn’t until the earlier cab ride this morning, when she still had plenty of time to get to the airport and leaf through the magazines, that she noticed she didn’t have her coat, or her passport, or her clutch purse containing her ID and credit cards. It wasn’t until she rummaged through her briefcase for her ticket that she remembered that she had stuffed her purse into her raincoat pocket to keep it from getting rained upon.
Well, it was pointless to go to the airport, at least not until she retrieved the coat and her purse. She called Simone praying that she would answer. No such luck. A voice mail and a text message were the best she could do. Luckily she had Simone’s address. Maybe she was at home. “Please driver, I’ve changed my mind. Would you be able to take me to the address on this card?” She dropped it over his shoulder. He nodded without saying a word. Nora had no idea if Simone lived ten minutes or an hour away, but it didn’t matter. She needed her purse.
Thirty minutes later, after she begged the driver to wait for her, promising him an extra big tip, she hurried into the apartment lobby, hoping there wasn’t a code needed to open the door. The elevator took her to the sixth floor. Oh, how she hoped Simone was home and had her coat. And why hadn’t Simone called her? Maybe she hadn’t noticed the purse tucked in the pocket. Last night’s meeting was her first face-to-face with Simone. They had only talked on the phone about the visa case she was handling for her prior to last night.
Knocking a dozen times didn’t make a person who wasn’t home come to the door. What could she do? She tried the phone one more time, with no luck. Nora bent down slowly and felt under the welcome mat for a key. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. But desperate times. She let her fingers feel over the top of the door. Bingo. A key fell into her hands. She opened the door quickly and slipped in before any neighbors noticed.
Her eyes took in the spacious living room. No coat draped over a chair. She opened the hall closet. Nothing. Next, she hurried into the master bedroom and opened the closet door. There it was hanging as if it belonged there. She grabbed it off the hanger and checked the pocket just to make sure that her purse was still there, with nothing missing, when she heard the front door open. Two voices arguing about something. Two male voices. Something about paying half now and the rest when the job was done. Nora backed into the closet.

5 thoughts on “What should she do?

  1. Wow! Very well written. Sounds like she is a lawyer. If so, she has heard something that, could be used as evidence in a crime or a possible crime. It sounds as if the men are talking about knocking someone off and making payment or receiving payment for such crime. She is already backed into the closet. She needs to stay there and listen very closely to the voices and for any clues and then she should go to the police station and talk with them.

  2. Wow, regardless of the B&E, I think her dilemma of needing her personal effects, her multiple attempts of trying to contact her and the discovery of possible premeditated foul play may redeem her of this crime. Morally and ethically it is wrong but she went about it as honestly as she could given her predicament. Two, five or ten wrongs dont make a right but this new found info may be her saving grace.

  3. You could jump to all kinds of conclusions, but I think the reader doesn’t have sufficient facts to complete the story. For example, maybe one of the men entering the apartment is related to Simone – ie her husband. He’s coming into the suite with a contractor arguing about renovations and a payment schedule. “… paying half now and the rest when the job was done.” But, Nora can’t possibly know that – unless she knows the personal life details of Simone…

    Practically, Nora has two choices: Use the element of surprise, and make a break for it ( which could work in her favor, since they’re not expecting her to be there… Or, she will have to wait til’ the coast is clear ( which may or may-never happen), before she can leave. The longer she stays where she is, the higher the likelihood she’ll be discovered…

    Just my thots’.

  4. What should she do? Hmm…. But first, here is my question and opinion. 0.0 Will this story contain a romance ♡ in this ¿mystery? And also, this has piqued my interest somewhat as to what those men are talking about and is it illegal but I feel as though this chapter has not finished. On what should she do; 1.)She could make a break for it after overhearing the conversation but the outcome would probably be those men or one of them chasing after her but she luckily makes a break for it on the cab that was waiting for her. 2)She could wait in the closet till those men leave and make assumptions as to what happened to simone?

    ☆I basically agree with Dwayne except these are the 》only《 assumptions I could make.

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