What should she do? Part 5

Whew! That was close. Nora was so relieved that she hadn’t disclosed the fact that she was Simone’s attorney or her last name that it took her a moment to notice the man named Will grab her arm and pull her out of the closet.

“Easy,” she warned him and jerked away from him. “I can walk fine by myself.” She straightened the lapel of her jacket which had flipped inside out in the closet. She hoped the action helped to communicate some semblance of dignity, but she highly doubted it.

Will pushed her and her dignity onto the sofa. The two men eyed her and spoke under their breath. She heard what they said.

“So what do we do with her? She heard everything.”                           < "This whole thing is getting out of hand. Let's cut our losses." "Not so fast. She's seen us. We have to do something with her." She looked at the door and back at the men. No way she could make it to the door. But she didn't like her chances. Simone's husband whipped around and faced her. "How do you know Simone? I've never heard her mention any ... what did you say your name was ... Nora?" She gulped. "Look, I don't want to cause any trouble. I just wanted my coat. I need it to..." She stopped herself just in time. She didn't want them to know her last name.  "I have to go . I need to leave now." She tried to stand up, but the man named Will pushed her back down. "Stay where you are."

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