What should she do? Part 3

The hangers swayed above her. The sound was deafening to Nora’s ears. She grimaced and flipped her cell phone over plunging her into the dark. The man outside the door continued to talk.
“I know she put the policy in here somewhere.” A drawer opened and a rifling of papers. “That woman has no organizational skills.”
Another voice from afar. Wasn’t clear.
“Wait, just give me a second, will ya…Okay…I think I found it.”
A drawer shut; another opened. Nora took a deep breath. More talk.
“Will, give me a break. If Simone made the last few premiums, there won’t be any problem. We’ll split it down the middle.”
A muffled response from the living room, she thought, from the guy named Will…
Oh no, not a sneeze, Not now. Not now. She grabbed her nose and pinched. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Nora’s eyes watered.
Then matter over mind.
Nora sneezed, or something… the noise the nose makes when it expels air while being pinched.
“Hold your horses, will you? Simone won’t be……what?”
Papers falling….footsteps…. the door knob turning…the click of the light switch.
Bright light. Nora squinted to block the light.

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