What should she do? Part 2

Nora crouched down as low as she could go, but not before reaching up to turn off the light. She kept her ear peeled to the closet door. Who were they? Was one of the men Simone’s husband? He had to be; otherwise, how would they have unlocked the door?
The conversation was not cordial, to be sure. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Paying half before the job was done and the other half once the job was completed didn’t necessarily mean a crime was afoot. After all, her client’s husband might be getting the apartment painted. No, the tone of the conversation was cold, threatening. A shiver radiated down Nora’s spine. Time to call the police. She had considered calling 911 before but changed her mind. How could she explain her presence to the police? Legally, she was within her rights to be there. After all, she was just trying to get her purse and coat back.
More shouting and a fist hit the table. She fumbled for her cell phone in the dark, but it was hard to tap the right numbers when her hand was shaking so much.
“911. Is this a medical, fire, or police emergency?”
Nora whispered as loud as she could. “Police, I think I’m in danger. I’m hiding in the closet, and I can hear two men planning a crime.”
The operator’s nasal voice interrupted. “I can’t hear you. What did you say? You’ll have to speak louder.”
“I can’t or they’ll hear me. Please send an officer. I think they’re going to kill someone.” She whispered the apartment address.
The operator’s voice was louder than her own; Nora covered the phone with her hand. “Who is this? Do you live in the apartment? Is your life in danger?”
Just then, the bedroom door opened. A male voice said, “Give me a second. I just need to get something out of…” Nora turned off her phone and moved back into the shadows of the hanging clothes.

2 thoughts on “What should she do? Part 2

  1. Very good scenario. I believe Nora should leave the cell phone on and off to the side screen side down, so the light of the phone wouldn’t give her position away. This way once the gentleman entered the closet, what ever conversation he would have with the other person would be picked up. Giving the operator more detail on what is happening. But if there isn’t many items in the closet for her to fight back with, I hope she is able to hide very well in the darkness of the closet.

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