Coming Out of Hiding

Slightly agoraphobic Julie Richards, an immigration attorney, just wants to be left alone in her fortress-like house. But someone is watching her – she can feel it, or is it just her imagination playing tricks on her? She has more than she can handle with a case she’s working on involving Crista Bauer, a Guatemalan teacher and newlywed, whose husband Marcus is trying to kill her. Crista and her baby Sofia must go into hiding. But he always finds her. It doesn’t take Julie long to realize that Marcus is out to harm her as well, and her fortress becomes a place of danger. Add to that, a new client — Sun Lee, a teenager from South Korea, who has come to California for a summer vacation with a childhood friend. But her vacation-of-a-lifetime becomes a nightmare when she is stripped of her money, phone, and identification and forced into human trafficking.

Will Julie be able to overcome her fear, come out of her shell of house, and help rescue Crista and Sun?

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