Welcome to Fraidy Cat Fiction

Beautiful woman is looking through window. Indoor background.Stranded with Pearls

Welcome to Fraidy Cat. I’m Sherri Stewart and I love a good suspense novel. I’m reading two right now that are so tantalizing that I can’t wait to read what comes next.

My new book – A Well-Founded Fear of Death is available on Amazon. I wanted to get it out before you went to the beach or the pool or your back porch. Hope you enjoy it. Leave a review on Amazon and you may get a gift certificate!!!!!

Have a look at Harlan Coben’s new book: Fool Me Once. It’s a roller coaster ride. Not one of those rides that you tick off the seconds until it’s back at the gate. No, it’s a ride that you don’t want to end. And it’s not predictable.

Check out Mistletoe Justice by Carol J. Post. I wasn’t too intrigued with the title,  but it’s up for awards so I gave it a shot. It’s also a book I can’t put down.

And in the mean time, for you scavenger hunters, Gracie eats at Bernardi’s, an Italian restaurant in Pontiac, Illinois.

Check out my new book, Stranded with Pearls. It’s a quick read about Route 66.

For those of you have been waiting, the sequel to Come out of Hiding will be available in June. It’s called A Well-founded Fear of Death.

Enjoy life and books.